Mobile Sensors

We explore the universe with sensors that extend our ability to see and measure. Mobile sensors are easily available on your cell phone to help you explore the world around you. Our sensorware applications measure magnetic field strength, light intensity, sound levels, acceleration, and more.

Crowdsourcing Earth’s Rotation

Crowdsourcing Earth's Rotation - This project allows citizen explorers around the world to make careful local measurements of the force of gravity that can be combined to detect the latitude-dependent change in acceleration caused by Earth's rotation (centrifugal force).

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Freshwater Mapping in Native American Communities

Freshwater mapping in Native American Communities – Native American students in several schools in Phoenix Arizona will find, photograph, and geo-tag locations where fresh water can be found on their reservations.

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Geomagnetic Storm Detection with Smartphone Technology

Geomagnetic Storm Detection – We have recently tested and calibrated two smartphones (iPhone 6s and Samsung Note 5) to identify whether they can detect geomagnetic storms. If this can be done reliably, the Aurorasaurus citizen science program may be able to add these measurements to its observing protocol.

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Sensor Calibration

Sensor calibration – This project compares smartphone sensor apps (accelerometers, temperature, sound, light, magnetism, etc) against professional-grade sensors to establish calibration and optimal protocols for making high-precision measurements.

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